Is Rushin’ Immigration Really Dangerous?

A lot has happened over the course of the week.  There was the Boston T Party, and the concommitant harm and loss of limbs and innocent life.  Although the loss of life may not have been intentional, it seems to me that simply asking the runners at the end of the marathon to give blood would have been a simpler way to get those mRNA overexpressions that occur under duress.  The transfer of militant government to local authority occured in the proximity of the some of the most prestigious universities in the world – Harvard and MIT.  There would be no lost opportunity for analysis.  The microcosm analyzed and revealed, how would things unfold?

The kid’s uncle slams him, but his parents and community stand behind him.  They won’t mirandize him.  In the end, we will see the military justice system on display.

I think he was framed, but I don’t want to know enough to be able to understand the implications for security.  I don’t want to see a kid go down for something that was bigger than he was, either.

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