Aceing The Bench

You worked  9 minutes for an average of:  0.090000 minutes per question, and a sum of  100 questions with  0  mistakes and  dictation faults.
The correct nouns ( 100 ): , mão, uma hora, a cadeira, Os documentos, a verdade, desta cidade, a porta, A mulher, esta, Obrigado, Sinto muito, a verdade, Tchau, não, Abra, então, não, cães, a palavra, Minha irmã, Meu irmão, verde, Olá, Feche, Sua mãe, Ouça, meu pai, cinco, Vem, Sinto muito, a porta, vermelho, Até logo, o livro, Sua mãe, verde, Feche, bem, Abra, desta cidade, Nem um pouco, vermelho, Obrigado, sem luz, cães, bem, o livro, Minha irmã, Levante-se, Obrigado, meu pai, Os documentos, Sinto muito, mão, Meu nome é, A casa, na rua, Feche, quatro, não, Meu irmão, não, A mulher, Abra, vermelho, bem, cinco, Vá, vermelho, a porta, uma hora, Sinto muito, cães, Sua mãe, Desculpe-me, A janela, verde, uma hora, Os documentos, Desculpe-me, Desculpe-me, com meu amigo, Desculpe-me, quatro, A janela, o livro, bem, Ouça, vermelho, Até logo, Olá, bem, Nem um pouco, um, meu pai, mão, O homem, Sinto muito, a verdade, bem
The incorrect nouns ( 0 ):
The database had  50 entries.
Your percentage:  1.000000

Ok.  This took some work.  I went to the festival, paid the entrance fee, and ended up being bounced at the door for something that was health-related.  (They could not accomodate the fact that as a type 1 diabetic, I can have a need to carry an external source of insulin, something to inject it with, sugar, and fluid.  The cops, apparently trained to believe that authority is the solution to every problem, want to know whether it is prescribed by a doctor.  Uh no, I just carry my pancreas around with me after 45 years of dealing with this…).  Bounced at the door, in front of the ticketing people, they wouldn’t give me my money back, which made me reflect on the gambling question again, and the voluntary transfer of wealth – I suppose that robbery is indeed even greener than gambling.  The problem is it produces anger, and is fundamentally antisocial.  This ended up being nothing short of highway robbery for me – an incident that was deliberately designed to provoke a psyochotic incident, so that the cops would be called on an illegal.  It gives you some idea of what people go through.

The whole thing was filmed and (parts of it) retained by me.  I won’t post it because the case is so compelling for a lawsuit.  The other parts (clearly retained through the camera by the police) complete the story, but would not allow me to further defend a few simplifications that were made in the explanations.  It isn’t worth it to publish further evidence of persecution.  In the end, the festival got rained out after I left without entering.  It would have taken 2 people with sense to work this out, but they would rather see me as a public threat.  So the profiling continues, with incidents deliberately designed to provoke a certain response.  A camera also appeared in my trailer.  Not sure where it is, exactly.

So, in the end, one starts to say whatever it takes to make it stop.  One dreams of being able to go somewhere else for a while, somewhere where individual liberty does not have to be defended by the persecution of innocent liberty, where one is not profiled through tweeting (that I don’t do), cell phones, emails, friends, etc.

I had to laugh the next morning as I slept in.  Paula Poundstone trying to figure out what has just been made legal after 200 years in Paris, France on NPRs Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.  She can’t figure it out, and is given the clue that its something she’s wearing.  So of course she thinks its the waist length underwear, and there’s a whole conversation about that, but it ends up being pants.  Her comment, at the end, but hey, wait a minute, that law hasn’t been enforced for years.  Uh oh, she comments, get out the drones.

There is no longer any sense of perspective.  The microproblem has become scaled to a macroproblem by the disemination of information and powerful technology (cell phones).  There is an overarching pattern of provocation to produce inflammatory incidents that will cause a lot of anxiety and work on everyone’s part – maybe it’s profiling, maybe it’s desensitization.  I find the profiling part pretty disturbing on the scale that it occurs.  By the time, your average individual will have been profiled for 10 or so years, those with access to those profiles will have the ability to produce almost whatever reaction they want to in an individual – to their own agenda.

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