Grass is getting high, and I’m trying to mow the lawn.  The mower sounded ok, when I tried to start it, but it couldn’t turn over for long because it was empty.  I put some fuel that had been sitting around for a few months in it, and it still couldn’t turn over more than a few times.  So, I’m thinking that the fuel is old and needs refinement. 


I make a makeshift funnel using a knife to cut out the top of an old empty container, tip the lawn mower over, and then open the top of the old container to drain it into a container that I label as bad fuel. 


Putting in some newer fuel, I still can’t get it to turn over for more than a couple of turns, no matter what the throttle position is.  So, I’m thinking at this point that the carb must be clogged.  The motor turns over until the primed fuel is used up.  Maybe remove the cleaner fuel, and replace with some ether?  Or remove and soak in ether?

Struggling for a bit more with the computer.  The monitor circuit has to be completed in order for the current to pass through the LED indicator on the front panel.  Completion of the circuit obviously requires manually making the connection with the broken corner. 



Once this connection is made, however, it no longer needs to be maintained.  The screen was obviously damaged by my working on the removal.  I put in the older screen, and it also was damaged.  I’m not sure when. 


Still, I have the equivalent of a touchpad worth of screen, and after figuring out how to reposition the bottom bar on lucid so that it is to the top and right (a desktop option) that can be manually launched from the console window with the command option fbpanel, there is a little functionally on the whole setup. 

Otherwise, I have been alternating between reading The Story of a Soul and Meno in my hammock that is about to collapse every morning.  It is an interesting discussion of the concept of virtue in both books.  St. Therese of Lisieux talks about how God does not choose those who are called by virtue, and how every little flower is endowed with its own purpose, while Socrates tries to discern the essence of virtue, proposing at times that it is the ability to realize good, and (I’m guessing, eventually) that this essence of virtue is tied to something that is not given unmerited, but rather developed.  I find some interesting Indian ideas in the text regarding the uncovering of knowledge that is already known by the soul.   It was apparently written by Plato in 380 BCE.

The whole dialog has motivated me to get a Greek font up and working on my lucid pup editor.  It now works with a full range of diacritics.  This is really nice.  Now, I just have to figure out how to get the default font in the root directory to be reset to this TTF file using a shell script prompt with a command.  I have updated both the fonts.dir and fonts.scale files with 11 lines, and I guess that I could write a little boot script to automatically cat this same appendage to these files upon selecting a Greek option.  The reason to do this, is that I don’t store anything on my computer, so it is a fresh boot everytime from a nonwriteable CD.  I really would like the screen output to handle the diacritics, and I see in principal no reason why it shouldn’t, given that one can type accents in French and Spanish on the console without a problem.

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