The Virtues in Hebrews

I decided to return to the exploration of the concept of virtue, this time using Proverbs (an ancient Hebrew text) for a guide.  It would give my Hebrew a much needed workout.  I came up with the following list of Hebrew virtues from the first 3 proverbs.

1) Discipline

2) Wisdom

3) Prudence

4) Fairness

5) Discretion

6) avoidance of sin

7) avoidance of ill-gotten gain

8) acceptance of God’s advice

9) fear of God

10) faithfulness

11) Love

12) Long life, riches, and honor

13) Peace

14) Fearlessness

15) Give when one has to give

16) Do not harm one’s neighbor

17) Do not falsely accuse

18) Nonviolence

19) Righteousness

20) Humility

21) Success

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