Mother’s Day – Bonne Fête

A trip to visit my parents.  A couple of nice home-cooked meals, and sharing some childhood memories.  I pointed out that the advantage of having more than one child is that they don’t all have to visit at the same time.  So, one bro did the American mother’s day, and I did the French one.  I listened to my ?ewas practicing the piano for his piano club, and then headed to out with the  ?ekwan for a much needed run/bike ride at the Mother of all Texas State Parks – Mother Neff.

park_mapBiked in blue, hiked in green through 3 different ecosystems- prairie, rock canyon, and river bottom.

Lots of wildflowers,

102_2228?ekwanesxaw nettle


Blue Curls102_2239prickly poppy

and ko’l?a calls.  Even a really beautiful rock overhang surely used by native americans, said to have been TonkawaTheir language is now extinct.

102_2248We also visited the rock tower, and the natural a•x-enca’n.  Spin, my Navaho dog, jumped right in.  I slipped on the wet rock, and ended up submerged in the a•x, as well.  Some (the  ?acxo•n) sections of the park are still closed off from the yako-na-.

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