Vets and Sets

Memorial Day.  I spent 3 hours playing volleyball – something I haven’t done in years.  We warmed up a bit in the shade, and then went out to the 86 degree sun for a full five games, the last game being lost 21 to 19.  It was hot, and with the sand, there wasn’t much to push off of to lunge for the ball.  Although I was on the losing team and the least experienced of all the players, they squeezed me in.  Like Charlie Brown, I was the one who kept praying that the ball wouldn’t come my direction, but I still managed to set, if not return, some points.  It was actually a pretty supportive group of players.  We played 6 against 5.  The team with 6 players had 3 women and 3 men.  My team had 4 men and me.  One of the men had a tendon injury that we tried to protect.  There were points that used every single player on both sides of the court.  I won a few serves, and even a gentle well placed tap at the net.  Said to be a >6 MET activity, I performed at much less than this, although coupled with the sun, there was every reason to be careful.  There was a dog named Santos who watched over all of us.

102_2261Warming up.

102_2262I’m generally pretty sore all over today – thankfully and amazingly, not sunburned, but I still managed to mow the back yard this morning.  So, 3 days of activity:  hike and bike for a few miles, 3 hours of volleyball, 1 hour of pushing a lawnmower without power assist (I alternate between this and the treadmill).  My heart’s hanging in there…


Someone checked a book out for me at the library.  I worked through the first couple of pages of theorems, and worked out the problems.  From what I can tell so far, set theory is one of those areas where proofs pretty routinely don’t reverse, because it is possible to “capture” what set-wise minimally can be stated in a more complicated way, with a simpler more general statement.  The last problem in the first part (9a line 3) taught me that.  The general statement will always include the more specific case, but a statement of the more general case will not necessarily reduce to the truth of the more specific case.

Otherwise put:  what is true on the average for a group may not necessarily apply to any one individual in that group.

Aim over the net, but play at your own realistic potential.

Net’s up!  The good news is I finally got the laptop with the half screen but functioning communications ports to boot again.  So, I now have functioning ethernet (but for whatever reason no wifi).  It’s painful, but workable.



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