Some More Global Thoughts on Peace and Conflict Resolution

There are many thoughts here in the context of the emerging events in Syria.  Some points to consider:

1) What is the origin of the conflict in Syria?

2) Many people have died in the conflict.  There is obviously support for both sides.

3) Violence may be precipitated on either side by the idea that what is at stake is so fundamental to the well-being or ability to be happy of the people involved that the only possibility is the elimination or weakening of the other side.

4) Resolving point 3 involves separating the two parties.  In my opinion, the leaving party should resettle and the expense of resettlement be borne by the remaining party.

5) The government in place will eventually weaken from age or the influence of more modern ideas.  At which point, repatriation can occur.

6) As to the issue of nerve gas, I don’t know that it can ever be proved who did it, if someone did it.  Although horrific and inexcusable, it is probably not the worst thing that has happened in the conflict.  Focus on getting the people out, stabilizing and not escalating the situation.  Assad should let the people go, and pay repatriation.  Possibly with land from his own country eventually, although I don’t think that the 2 sides should be neighbors right now.

7) So the short stick.  Get the people out.  Assad should simply let them go.  Then focus on financial arrangements for the refugees that may or may not involve Assad’s direct participation in negotiation.  No way should other countries be arming either side in this situation, much less investing human lives fighting a war where there has been no direct injury to those being asked to fight.  Change will eventually happen.  It is not worth the bloodshed.  But, at the same time, give the people freedom and opportunity.

8) I think Turkey had the right idea with a referendum.

9) I think that God gave Israel the Palestinian problem to resolve so that it could rise to the challenge of brotherhood over entitlement.  Ishmael and Jacob were brothers.  I am not sure that the solution was supposed to be a separate state, but surely an equal standing.

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