#500: What Could Have Been Pride Turns to Shame with the Image of An Execution

I’m trying to come to grips with what happened here.  We gave the governor every benefit of the doubt to act on a case that was not properly adjudicated, and he failed to act when someone’s life was at stake.  I’m in suspended disbelief in spite of the fact that I know that the execution probably did happen.  At a loss for words that he failed to watch over a sparrow.

I was on my knees.  Where was God?

I know, in my heart, that God is not homophobic.  Some of the churches and their authority structures may be, but God loves gay and lesbian people, just as much, if not more because of their suffering.  While the projected execution may have been purposefully designed by “authority” to make me sad over the day’s Supreme Court rulings, the only possible purpose for God to subject me to this sadness that I can find, is to possibly make me dissociate from a system that does this to people.

One wonders at an appropriate response.  Words seem inadequate.  Surely, the taking of a life is wrong, even in retribution.  On either side.  Can one bill the state for the cost of their promotional message?  As if money could solve this problem?

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