Although I did not see the new moon last night (and to be honest, I don’t yet see it tonight either), I nevertheless began my fast today with great difficulty.  I felt the pangs of hunger and thirst during the day, and the rush of energy that returns in the evening when I began to eat dates.  Too weak to do much but study a little Arabic, and hope for the dogs that were on my prior post who disappeared from the shelter list: Queen, Tommie, Bernard, I remembered how in school, the teachers would complain about how listless the students were during this month. Although I find this to be a beneficial exercise, there is some intellectual part of me that wonders whether only eating when it is dark is not unlike sneaking food, as if God were the sun, or God’s ability to see were contingent upon the sun.  Still, it brings me into daily solidarity with people who hunger and thirst. The time of year varies every year.

Technically, I guess I would be exempt because of the diabetes, and it is somehow interesting that I managed to fast even with diabetes.  My sugars were awful.  I woke up (early because the first prayers are early) with a blood sugar over 500, and then got it down to a point which was probably less than 100 (uncomfortable but bearable), and then it rose back up to 370 before the fast broke.  In a way, I feel awful.  I had tried to switch to Lantus for the fast, but no one seems to feel that my health is worth the additional money that this medicine costs ($400 for 60 days worth).  It is extremely depressing to feel this devalued, not only from a physical point of view, but also from the point of view of how I would like to be treated.  What I would do for myself, if I did not have to interact with other people.

The price of the insulin seems to have gone up from the last time I bought it.  I get it.  They added on the price of the gas of the drive up to Canada to get it.

I did still have enough energy to take the dogs for a bike ride right before the Mahgrib.  And now I have more, maybe enough to tackle some more problems.

Today, I found this link which is a lot better than what I was seeing before.  I don’t know if this one needs a prescription or not.  Basically, for it to work for me, it would have to be without a prescription, probably.

A couple of problems.  Nothing particularly stellar, but interesting.

A little Middle-Eastern geography quiz.  Perfect score after a bit on this one.  And an eventual perfect score on level 9 of this one (963 in 237 time).  And finally some Arab letter work (100% in 1:19.9), and a little basic courtesy lesson.  Time to water plants – they are not practicing Ramadan…

102_2848102_2849I had a few more exploratory thoughts on this question.

mathMaybe the “breakdown” property of an operator is contingent upon …  I’ve found, for example, column-constrained shift operators which do not have this property.

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