Some More Words

Fasting becomes easier with each day.  I learn to eat longer lasting foods, and my body adjusts, I suppose.  My blood sugars are still far from regulated.  And whatever the exercise is, it is not a diet.  I make up for the lack of food at night.

A little segment to practice conversation and writing with.  Most of the words in this segment have very strong parallels to Hebrew: shalom, ani, atah, at, lo, min.  Also, there is no “to be” in either Hebrew or Arabic.  I have to say, that in spite of learning most of the consonants and some vowels and a stop, I find it quite difficult to recognize letters at the beginning and ends of words, and am puzzled by a straight line at the beginning of a word being pronounced as A, and at the end of a word being pronounced as N, like in the words for “excuse me”- U’thran and A’fwan.  I still don’t really recognize the first letter in those words as any of the consonants or vowels I have learned.  Perhaps it is one I haven’t learned yet.  An 86% followed by a 100% on an early Islam quiz.  It took me 5 tries to work my way up from a 85% to a 100% on this quiz of Islamic beliefs.  A little sliver of a moon tonight as I contemplate trying to grow dates.  It’s a lot harder than one might imagine, although I am really learning to love them.  I think it is probably too humid along the gulf.  They need a desert-like environment.  Some more nice music to try to explore on the guitar.

The Syrian conflict apparently started with graffiti.  There are currently parallel conflicts in Egypt, Turkey, and Brazil with their different political systems.  Excepting Brazil for the moment, Egypt, Turkey and Syria were for centuries under one government, although yet diverse.  First Babylonian, then Greek, then Roman, then Byzantine, followed briefly by statehoods,  and eventually reunified as part of the Ottoman empire until World War I.  Prior to the Babylonians, there was a period of an Israeli kingdom in Israel, and before this, a largely 2 state division of the area between an Egyptian empire and a Hittite empire.  Some, but not all, of Syria was divided between these 2 empires.  There was additionally a 3rd quite powerful empire along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers extending from the Persian Gulf called the Assyrian empire.  It expanded through Syria and into Israel and down to Egypt, apparently leading to the deportation of many Jews after the period of King David, and including some overlap with the Babylonians.  The Assyrians brought Aramaic.

An interesting discussion today on the radio as to the natures of liberal Islam, such as exists in Turkey, and political Islam.

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