Black holes

One thing about the Martin case, is it changes the way one sees Blacks in this country.  The next day, I see a Black man walking alone across the tracks and I wonder is this man Trayvon?  I see a Black woman walking into a store with all of her children in tow, some in her arms, and I wonder could she be a new Trayvon’s mother?  A little Black child in a shopping cart looks at me and says, “I give up”.  His dad, shopping for salad, turns around to the child, without looking at me, and says “Don’t you EVER give up.”

It’s a lot to ask.  The trial will unfortunately conjure up images of lynchings and threats of such, whether or not race was a factor in the actual events of the trial.  One could make an argument either way.  I have watched the community respond with dignity.  In the end, a life disappeared.  It’s a line that should not have been crossed.  Would that God would bend the bullet path in these cases.

I spent a little time today listening to an introductory lecture on Quantum Physics.  It’s a pretty simple lecture with a couple of demonstrated experiments that are worthy of reflection.  The main thought for me as I sat through it was “How did the bullet ever interact with Trayvon in a lethal way given the amount of vacuum between nucleus and electrons (the sand grain)?”

Still fasting, I’m a little short on energy to do much.  To be honest, the fast almost ended when I went out for a 90 minute drive to services in 100 degree heat with no AC.  It was all I could do later to sleep off the thirst.  One of my high school friends who came to France from Saudi Arabia, tells me I shouldn’t feel bad, it is pretty much par for the course over there.  I could do better.  I’ve seen pro football players who train while practicing Ramadan.  My reservoir, though, realistically isn’t as big as theirs.  Anyway, I’ve managed to do some quizzes on quantum mechanics as a kind of light way of thinking about constrained problems.

Quiz #1:  Fact or fiction.  Above la moyenne with a 12 on this one.

Quiz #2: Applications. I do a little better with more options (20/20).

I found some more challenging problems (as usual, due yesterday) to work on that include matrices.

While one establishes quantum theory on a very small scale through the interpretation of experiments, there are apparently relevant applications in astronomy and space.  Some physicists in Uruguay have done some computations modeling black holes using a granular or quantum theory of space-time that tries to connect quantum theory with relativity.  They interpret their results to postulate portals to other universes.

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