Lawnmower Repair Galore

The foot healing slowed down for a bit, largely because my insulin wasn’t working very well (old or new).  A little switch and I had my first insulin reaction in a while today.  Practically, what it meant is that I had to take a day off from my Ramadan fast.  Still, it is a good thing for my health to get my sugars down that low. My feet suddenly feel better.   Lantus is the better insulin or an insulin pump and Ramadan would have been pretty easily completed probably without incident and with good health with either of these insulins, and my foot would have been healed without fear of complication.  With the recent insulin switch (not Lantus or a pump), what I have is acute and immediate correction, and potentially overcorrection.  It is still better than after-market insulin or whatever it was they sold me.  It will probably be next week before the wound closes.  So, with the day off, I decided I had enough strength to try to start the lawnmower.

We had had a drought for over a month (no rain), and the lawn had not grown hardly at all, indeed turning brown in patches.  Then 2-3 days of rain, and a couple of weeks later, the grass is again getting high, to the point, where if it isn’t cut soon, it will be a really hard job.  So, I pull out the lawnmower and try to start it, breaking the brake bar cable in the process.  Really, really hard.  Taking it over to the neighbor’s to see if more manpower will help, we find out it has no oil in it, and is missing the air filter.  He wires the other end of the brake bar into place to make the needed electrical connection, puts some diesel engine oil in the oil reservoir, and cleans out the air filter holder, and it now pulls pretty easy, but it still won’t turn over after what is primed is used up.  The carb is probably going to have to be removed and cleaned.  Probably it is just that little hole in the bolt that got something in it, so that fuel won’t flow through it anymore.

This was a fun quiz.  I didn’t do very well, scoring just under 1/2 of the answers marked correct.  I thought I could have improved my score if I had had had the option of going back to change answers, but when I retook the test, I got about the same score, demonstrating that the test, for me, is not, a self-teaching tool.  Anyway, I studied up a bit, learning to distinguish the crank and the cam shaft, the clutch plate and the pressure plate, and I went back and took the test – this time scoring a 97%, missing the question on the long and short engine.  I kept thinking there was more to an engine.

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