Struggling for Normalcy: a Fight becomes a Dance

Yesterday was again a fasting day.  And then today, my blood sugars dropped to the point where I had to break my fast again.  I now owe 2 days.  Although going low isn’t fun, it still feels good with respect to my feet, like it gives my body back a sharpness or edge.  It’s the adrenaline I suppose.

My back porch has been invaded by wasps that prevent anyone from going outside through the back.  When inside, I catch them and put them outside.  Now, I need to redirect them somewhere else.  I don’t want to use chemical weapons.  It is interesting that in spite of the fact that the apples that I eat are organic, the indoor mouse has learned not to eat the skin, leaving it behind from the pieces I leave him.

Nonviolence is an art.

Could we please make this happen?

I heard reports today of a speech by Nasrallah.  I’ve been looking for the full text of the speech or youtube video, but it isn’t yet available.  I feel very saddened that apparently comments were made that reject the common ground.  The cultures share so much history and location, and yet there is an apparent investment in fighting.  Given what Jews have experienced, they need a defensible border.  The Palestinians may feel they need a border as well.  Neither side seems willing to agree on the terms of borders.  Both sides have a historical investment in the common land.  They should make borders that dissolve after a certain given period of time, but retain political value and identity in a representative system.  Neither side should be impenetrable, because to have this creates an “us” vs. “them” mentality.  Those that penetrate though, should do so by invitation.  So, one country, 2 states, and an agreement that each side will take a peaceful minority from the other side.  When peace is established, and relations normalize, the border between states can relax.  If relations between cultures become volatile, the border can be reaffirmed.  Both sides should treat one another as brothers.

These are thoughts from someone who has: a) been homeless, b) known what it is like to be asked to move from one place to another, be shut out of people’s homes, ignored and divested of any authority by the community that one lives in c) experienced religious intolerance.

Work it out.  Anger produces disease.

Most quizzes on the conflict are too political to post.  I found this one, that although admittedly from an Israeli perspective, was on the easier side.  I don’t think you can score a perfect score on it.

Many imprisoned Arabs and Pakistanis have just recently been given freedom from prisons during Ramadan.  It is incumbent upon these former prisoners to make themselves welcome in the free world by offering a peaceful integration, and for the free world to welcome them by offering a peaceful and freer path to integration.

Dogs given ivermectin and flea/tick meds.

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