Algebra and Some More Thoughts

I think the prisoner release was pretty significant. The meeting in Washington
was pretty short.

Now, there is a lot of posturing especially with Al Quds Day, but also with Netanyahu to reaffirm how polarized the positions are.

Abstracting a bit, that is a little Algebra, removing the labels Arab and
Israeli from the equation, one analyzes the political science of the situation.

1) Does a people with historic roots and culture from the area have a right to
be there?

2) If others do not respect their right to be there, and they have been
persecuted to the point of mass annihilation in other places, do they have a
right to form a border?

3) If there is a defensible border, what are the terms of intermixing? In my
mind, each side must accept a peaceful agreed upon minority from the other side.  Both sides want some control. Give each side identity, autonomy, and experience being both minority and majority with representative common government.  Complete separation is problematic for several reasons, not the least of which is that both sides have a claim to the common ground.

4) On the issue of radical elements that do not want the other side to exist at
all, one has a tricky situation politically. With everything being volatile in
the area right now, it is not unlikely that radical elements might end up in an
autonomized area. So, giving an area a medium level of autonomy by providing statehood – short of nationhood (which the UN has kind of already done), can be a spring board for: a) nationhood or b) more imminent threat. Alternatively, this medium level of autonomy can be used to integrate the 2 sides into a more peaceful and fairer relationship.

5) Culturally, one side is wealthier and better protected.
Protecting the culture from imposed Westernization is to be considered.

How important is peace? It is a rhetorical question.  And, at the same time,
it isn’t. Especially with everything going on over there right now in Syria,
Jordan, and Egypt. I think Obama is doing a great job keeping a
level head. So many presidents would have been in there already by now.

A nice review of Algebra (25/30).  Some questions are in Filipino, and at least one, I found to be incompletely specified – solve for k?  A little more patience and I would have figured it out – there were only a finite number of things k could have been.  Some (solving for the power of 3.2 using a table) I found tedious.  But it’s a good review.

Some fantasies…  It’s a dream – and for a lot of reasons, could probably never happen.  I still entertain it as a fun thing to think about.  So, here’s the idea.  Take my dogs and go and live and work on a vegetarian kibbutz in Israel for a bit, maybe take some Arabic classes at a Palestinian medical school, hike a bit like they did in Biblical times.  Have my elderly parents come, visit, and stay with me a while there.  Visit and work in 2-3 week-long field schools on some archeological sites for field experience.

This dog video was really interesting to me.  Dogs don’t usually abstract that well, but this one clearly follows what’s going on in the movie.

Some more practice with school words in Arabic.  The best I can do is probably to type the words into the online translator to hear how to pronounce them properly.  Interestingly, none of the words come up in the translator.  For example, I look at the word for “office”, and the quiz shows something that I would read as “batalam” – I’m kind of adding a’s because I don’t know what else (if anything) to put there.  But the word doesn’t come up as any of the words for office in Arabic when I use what are admittedly sometimes pretty awkward online translators.  The word for medicine shows up as thoda in the quiz, which I think is pronounced correctly by the translator as a possible word, but is spelled backwards.  thada I think is arts, but it doesn’t show up in the translator. tadira is literature, and it is again spelled backwards.  The pronunciation is hard for me to distinguish – adirat vs. tadira.  In the end, I think it is aderab.  It maybe that the java program on the flashcards is getting the letters backwards.  I’m tending to see the pronunciation of the words agree with the spelling in the translator, like with the word for table thaioweela.

I think the flashcards are backwards.  I looked around for another site, and found this quiz, that I thought was instructive.  I amazingly scored a 75% the first time, then worked my way up to 100% by studying the quiz a bit…

Do you speak Arabic?  hal tatakallam al Arabia?هل تتكلم العربية؟

Where are you? aina ant? أين أنت؟

I live in front of the school.  Askunu amama al madrasa = أسكن أمام المدرسة

Mohamed is taller than Sami.  Mohamed atwal men Sami محمد أطول من سامي

feminine form of long (taweel طويل) is: taweela  طويلة

“We wrote” in Arabic is “katabnaa كتبنا”, (same root as Hebrew), we went is: dahabnaa ذهبنا

I speak in Arabic is Atakallamu أتكلم Tatakallamu  (prefix changes, ending does not ) تتكلمأتكلم

“qitar” means train.  qitaraat قطارات  means trains.

Sadeeq صديق” means “male friend”.  Sadeeqa صديقةmeans “female friend”.

kitabi كتابي” means my book.  our book is kitabuna كتابنا(same root as write)

“wahed wa-’ishrun/ واحد وعشرون” =    one and twenty or 21

Shams شمس means “sun”.  There is no indefinite article, so “a sun” stays the same.

Qamar قمر means “moon”. Alqamar القمر means “the moon”.

How old are you?  كم هو عمرك؟

What’s your name? ماإسمك؟

How are you? كيف حالك؟

Thank you.  Shokran  (I don’t know where the n sound comes from in the spelling) شكرا

What’s your name?  ma ismuk? ما إسمك؟

Can you help me? Hal beemkanek mosa’adati? هل بإمكانك مساعدتي؟

I still think the school words from that first quiz are important words to learn, I just don’t want to learn them wrong – and they are presented backwards.  So, here are 21 words for review: medicine, office, table, laboratory, sports, right, arts, literature, mathematics, science, technician, craftsman, apprentice, university, professor, faculty of engineering, computer, student, book, pen, paper.

Foot’s healing.  I’ve stopped the antibiotic ointment and baths.  It has a scab that is about 1/2 inch by 1/3 inch, and the swelling is down.  My best thoughts right now on a strategy for the wasp situation, is to capture them in glass jars and rehome them far away.

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