Textbooks and Other Reading

I’ve been waiting for the Artin algebra book to come into the local library.  I ordered a used copy of it.  Some more group theory would be interesting here.  Trying to develop the international section of the local library a bit.  Rural communities have their own sociology – close knit, they feel somewhat vulnerable to international influences.  If it isn’t grown and made here, the people sometimes don’t want it around.  No judgment on this, just it is probably what it takes to retain people within the community.  Everyone has enough problems managing and getting a farm to run, without having to go out and explore.  The cultures in a way are incompatible in fact, since leaving the farm becomes like abandoning dependents.  One sacrifices newness for self-sufficiency and problem-solving skills.

Short on gas, I don’t really have the mobility to go anywhere, but to the library.  So, I thought I would order some books (my food card lets me buy books but not gas).  One fun thought that I had was to pick a historical fiction book from authors from various countries.  So, this is the start of the list (I probably have enough to do one from each continent):


South Africa Nelson Mandela The Long Walk to Freedom
Australia Carrie Tiffany Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living: A Novel
Bangladesh Tahmina Anam A Golden Age: A Novel (PS)
Germany Heinrich Von Kleist Michael Kohlhaas (The Art of the Novella)*
Canada Freda Jackson For a Modest Fee
Brazil Frances de Pontes Peebles The Seamstress

* Although apparently full of 16th century violence, the book is reported to have a 10 page interlude which seems worthwhile as a dialog between a man who takes the law into his own hands and Martin Luther. There is in addition an interesting scholarly article that discusses the differentiation between terrorist and criminal in the context of this work.

I try to use up all the money on the gift card when I get it.  To do this, I added a Calculus book from one of the sellers I had already ordered from.  Depending on whether or not they combine the orders, and reduce the shipping, the library may or may not get it.

Yep.  It was bounced up front, because I have a card on my order account that I have never been able to use, but that allows me to place an order that will be rejected.  The supplier never even has the opportunity to combine things on their end.  So, no integration for a while …

A little vocabulary work.  There are about 25 quizzes at the end.  For most of them, I was 90% or better.   I got an 83% on this one.  And an 80% on this one and this one.  A 70% on this one.   And I really blew this date with something in the 60’s.

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