Nonviolent Protest

The papers disappeared from the library.  I suspect also interception in the churches.  Who knows whether there will be anyone at the demonstration.  There very well may not be a “right to peacefully assemble”, a “freedom of expression”.  Perhaps I am the wrong color.  I don’t know.

I know this, though.  My statement of who I am at this point is this:

I will not see a doctor until I get the long-acting insulin that I want under free terms – by free, I mean without having to be institutionalized (and I consider going through the prescription process to be institutionalization insofar as it is a legal requirement) to get it.  That is, I demand the insulin that I want to correct the disability that I have without having to relinquish control over my own body.   If I can write my own script, fine.  If someone else is willing to illegally write a script, fine.  That may be an acceptable compromise to me, provided that there is no identification requirement or additional information required to process the script.  They would have to change current common prescription practices for this to occur, AND give me a script that will tide me over until MLK’s January 20th, 2014 event.  Associate this, with me caring about my health.  This, despite the fact, that I am hypertensive, retaining water, and my once beautiful feet have been reduced to numb stumps where the numbness creeps up my legs.

So, if something has to break, there are a few possibilities for what gives in the system, and then there is obviously the possibility of it being me.

There is no possible obedience in this situation.  PERIOD.  I will die untreated over this issue if necessary.

You can ignore me to my death, treat me like I don’t exist.  But I do.  I am not silent, yet.  My appeal is to conscience.


Working on my sign – still not complete yet.

100_3276The sign is ready.

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