And Then There Was One

100_32784000 people in the town, and in 5 months, I have failed to make a single friend who would stand by me (even with a different sign) in this.  400 fliers distributed, some posted with permission at the library and later removed.

If I can say anything positive in this situation, it is that I can send the pictures to the FDA with my letter as can any undocumented person.  No need for a name or an address or an ID.




100_3284The petition here was pretty good, until it got infiltrated by comments from psychosocial influencers.  It makes the point of how vulnerable diabetics are as a population to things that affect our ability to get insulin.  I would additionally add that insulin that peaks (the only insulin currently available behind the counter) causes appetite increase.  We have to have insulin.  We don’t necessarily usually have to have one that peaks unless we eat, or our blood sugar is high. There are likely to be 3 statistically distinct large groups of people who vote on this issue:

1) those who have actually used Lantus to manage their diabetes.

2) those who manage other people’s diabetes using Lantus.

3) those who know a diabetic, but don’t know that much about Lantus or insulin.

People should state which group they belong to when they vote.  The votes should not count the same.  Groups 1 and 2 could also have another question asking individuals to rank Lantus, NPH, and Regular for safe OTC use.

Note: there have been some attempts to tackle the importation question on a state vs. federal level.  I reference them here, although I do not believe this to be the solution for me.

Lantus is the only peakless insulin sold in the United States.  Lantus is available OTC in Spain.  In Canada, it is sold behind the pharmacy counter (OTC) in pen form (so that the clear vial cannot be misinterpreted).

I’ve contacted the FDA using the form on this page informing them of the following 3 nonviolent actions that I am taking until this insulin is transferred from prescription-only status to prescription or over-the-counter status:

1) no further publications on my website.

2) no visits to a doctor

3) no blood sugar testing, dieting, or athletics.

You can turn me into an embodiment for “how not to manage your diabetes” with your self-justifying policies, or you can heal the hurt that has been over 40 years developing by giving me the agency to solve my own problems.  It won’t really heal the hurt, but it will make a positive difference.

It’s a basic fucking human right.

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