100_3351Up at the border.  They slapped me with a label again – “inadmissable”. I stopped wanting to go.  Some cop with a very special name pulls me over 10 years ago for natural vs. braking deceleration to a red light (thereby saving fuel), and 10 years later they still won’t let me into Canada over all of the stupid grief over this situation.  Even more disturbing to me is that they have turned someone away in my condition, stating that Canada doesn’t want someone in my condition, with my health problems, and using the whole situation to make the US look bad like – see, in Canada, people wouldn’t look like this, and the US HAS to take you back, regardless of how I feel about it.  6 million refugees in Syria, and they can’t even take 1.  So here I am at the border, trying to form a refugee camp, because life seems to suck for me no matter which side of it I’m on.  Without funds for fuel, food, or anything, we are again living the hell of sleeping and living out of a car.


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