Understanding Loss

I went up to the Austin area for some medical care, trying to care for my parents, and also experience some of the intellectual and artistic life that surrounds the University of Texas.  It was $209 for a week in a hotel, and about $100 in gas, plus a little parking, and groceries.   The first event that I attended was a discussion of movement at the Blanton Art Museum.  It featured Deborah Hay, and her work with dance.

Her 3 lines that mentally describe process, and the order of mental assimilation that is required for movement:

“A continuity of continuity

A discontinuity of continuity

A continuity of discontinuity”

These 3 steps might describe the choreographic process, but more profoundly, they may also describe the mental adjustment to loss, and the path to moving forward.

Deborah Hay would dance them.


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