The Natural State, the Social Contract, Animals and the Environment

The blackberries are out in full bloom down here.  I have used my daily 1 mile walks with the dogs to glean handfuls of them as I explore different areas.  I should probably think ahead and freeze some, or make some low cal jam/juice concentrate for the winter.

With Spring here, the mice have also mated (probably a lapse in the yam root extract birth control I put in the milk/water mix I leave out for them).  I leave empty 2L plastic bottles out and open for them, and every now and again catch one, putting it outside with the bottle.  They mostly make noise when they are nesting.  I removed a cardboard box where they had nested by putting it in a plastic bag, but I wasn’t quick enough to get the larger mice before they got out.  When I emptied the box outside, there were 3 little pups with their eyes yet closed that fell out.  I picked them up with a paper towel, putting them in a 2L plastic bottle, and placing it back where the box had been.  The mama came back for them when it was dark and the door was shut, removing them to another location!

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