A Little Water Hole and Some Healing Springs

A trip out to Lampasas and Colorado Bend State Park.  Water levels were definitely low – last year the Colorado River ran dry in a few spots, and the lake level downstream (Lake Buchanan) was so low that the hydroelectric dam shut down.  With just a few inches of water under the cliffs, I could easily see the large carp when they passed, carefully watching the overhead raptors who scouted them.

I hiked down to the Spicewood Springs swimming hole with the pups, watching the couples and families sunbathing on the rock where the water would normally flow.  A few people were in the water hole and in its deepest part, one could still tread water.

Back through Lampasas, we (the pups and I) visited the historic springs said to be able to cure everything.  It is said that Native American peoples would make annual pilgrimages to these springs before they were commercially developed by Europeans in 1882 when the Santa Fe railroad passed through (Texas State Historical Association).


Although the bath house and springs were recently redeveloped, the older part of the springs is still visible submerged in Sulphur creek.


The ruins reminded me of Oklahoma.  The creek itself has been developed into a very beautiful “river walk” (like San Antonio), petering out at the dam into a more natural horse trail that Native Americans (Comanche) might have used.



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