The Fourth and Some More Natural History

Up at the capitol.  Spent the evening taking in the fireworks on the Washington Mall, and then visiting the Smithsonian exhibit on human evolution.

fire_works1fire_works2fire_works3fire_works4The mall was packed.  I spent my last bit of cash to feel connected and not alone on this day.  I had spent lunch at the local soup kitchen, sitting at a table with Latinos, and receiving a civics lesson on American history – the guys telling me that the event actually celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, and how the National Anthem penned by Francis Scott Key was actually put to the melody of an old English bar song.  I’m surprised that they would have picked such an infamous origin of a “foreign and seemingly oppressive” source to unify “a new and better vision for government”.

Later, I would visit the bones at the Smjithsonian Museum of Natural History, walking in the molds of the Laetoli footsteps,


looking at an actual Neanderthal skeleton. contemplating Lucy, and trying to understand how even more categories could fit among the splitters who would almost make every new found specimen, a new species.

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