Peace and a Soul

In the midst of all of the chaos, destruction, and instability that is occurring in the Middle East right now during the month of Ramadan, there were 2 small opportunities for the peace-makers to come forward where I am (which is for the most part an admittedly pretty uniquely religiously tolerant place).

The Interfaith Iftar – an event where we were made to feel so special and welcome in the Mosque where it was held.

tablesThere were a couple of hundred of us who gathered, for interfaith questions, prayers, and discussions.  The young children who had completed their first 30 day Ramadan fast were acknowledged.

kidsand there was some delicious food served, as well.


main_plateThere were extensive discussions on the meaning of unity, and the benefits of fasting. We noted and asked questions about the stones that are used during prayers, and the beads that are also used for praying.  During our discussions about the meaning of fast, and atonement, we were reminded of the impending arrival of the high holidays, and the Jewish custom/responsibility of making personal reparation during this time to those we have injured or grown apart from to the point where dialog seems impossible.


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