In The Spirit of (Dr.) King

A Call for the separation of the right to medical care from access to money. Most notably, with animals, who are routinely euthanized when their providers do not have enough money for a medical procedure, or for medicine. It is awful to watch an animal suffer because they can’t get care. It is awful to see an animal that is loved and has a family be put down out of allegiance to a profession/system that prioritizes business above the health or love of the animal. It is awful to require allegiance to such a profession in order to receive medical care.

Call me unprofessional. because I care.

It is also awful to see pet owners who have money, who don’t value their animals enough to provide for the person who cares for the animals when that person has needs.  It isn’t the animals’ fault.  G_d brings these animals into our lives as a blessing, and expects us to rise up to the challenge of caring for them in the best way possible.  Never to be ransomed, or sacrificed for sin, or a legal, political social, or non-“life threatening” medical point.

Basically, I do not want to be anywhere near having to make decisions about the value of lives.  In my world, all the lives are valuable, and I choose to maintain that value by not putting myself in situations, that I agree, might exist, where this might be a question.

This is the time of year that I choose to take a good hard look at the laws in the community, with an eye toward changing or removing those that hurt other lives.

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