Systems and Ethics

Just a few thoughts here… Really on the fringe of philosophy, math, and political science. It’s a great question, and there are probably several good answers to it.

Systems that are dominant to the point of exclusion, can they be ethical?

As a concrete example, imagine that a system decided to make an
individual who normally identifies as belonging to a group, and
has been educated their entire life to expect a certain interaction,
an outcast. As an experiment. They don’t tell the person what is
going on, but let’s assume it is about race. The person looks white,
but the system is going to force reverse black-white racism on the
person. Since the person looks white, the only practical way to enforce
this, is to foresee and call ahead of time, so that every interaction
that occurs, can be one of taking orders, and not receiving any services
(because any kind of business or exchange would require receiving
something from the person who “represents the business”).

If the action is organized – as in a system – is it ethical? Does it harm?

If the action is individual – is it ethical?

Ethics and intervention. How does one articulate? How does one respond?

Labeling is inherently wrong, because it imposes a definition upon the
individual that is not their own. And yet, it may truly be the only way, to really experience something as insidious as racism, where someone looks at you, and then treats you a certain way simply because of the color of your skin.

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