Some Thoughts on the Value of Life

A few days of weather that was really unsurvivable outside.

Especially for someone with health issues.

Today, I found this petition:  Petition for Room

It is close to my heart. I believe that governments and individuals can

lose their relationship to one another, sometimes because of politics,

sometimes because of actions, sometimes the papers are simply lost.

It happens, over and over, and it seems to me that the ID of


anything issued by a government.

I’m reminded of the history of displaced gypsies and Jews that is
known to have happened, and saddened to observe that there existed no
natural human connection strong enough to have prevented the loss
of life and suffering. I have faith in the younger generation,
in their values, and hope that they will guide the future toward
a future where human and animal life have more value. I’ve seen
some pretty brave young ones. Their hearts know right from wrong.

Although it is well after Chanukah, this song reconnects me. I celebrated the
first 5 days of Chanukah this last time, lighting a candle with a
different rescued or dying dog every night, until I realized I was using someone else’s candles.


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