Getting Ready for the First Seder

So Seders are traditional, the anthropological reliving of a cultural experience. This one happens to occur on Good Friday. In today’s world, one can imagine or hope that Jesus might have passed over to somewhere real and safer. I find my cage free chicken egg, some matzo crackers, and a little seed to anticipate this year’s garden.  If I really can’t find meal for soup, I can put the crackers in some broth and make do.   I try to finish up anything with flour in it this week so that I don’t waste.


Passover is traditionally the time when lambs are offered. Those were the times when people couldn’t grow gardens, when food had to walk with one because there were no refrigerators or safe places to keep the animals, when the fresh vegetables would have been depleted from the past winter. In a different, more peaceful, less exploitive world, maybe animals would not have been sacrificed, maybe Jesus would not have been sacrificed, maybe life would have more respect.

Reflecting on vegetarianism, I came across this article:

I would add another category to the above which is a kind of vegetarianism that reflects respect for life, and also quality of life. It is the category that recognizes that protein is necessary for certain things that require strength in difficult survival modes, for growth, and sometimes for healing. It strives to respect the desire to live when that is reflected in most creatures on most occasions without being completely rigid about it. It therefore occasionally consumes meat that has been labelled expired, or that would otherwise not be eaten by someone.
In this form, fish is the preferred meat because it is the form where the animal very likely had the best quality of life in the wild.  Chickens that are usually kept in cages have a really low rating.  Veal would be an absolute no-no.

Update:  A couple of guys came over from B’nai B’rith.  They brought candles which was very nice, and kedem and matzo ball soup and mix, and a lot of other Jewish things like herring, separating everything in 2 boxes so it would be kosher.


Update 2: The local synagogue put together some nice clothes for me.  Thanks.

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