A Little Seder in the Middle of It All

Passover was quiet. Although I moved and managed to lose my copy of the Haggadah, I pulled together a nice meal, lit candles. I found my Hebrew class book that had a few prayers in it, and practiced reading a little of the beginning of Exodus 12 in Hebrew, switching over to English, remembering how the little lambs couldn’t walk to make the hard journey, and their lives were taken to give the Hebrews the strength to escape. I couldn’t remember exactly how many plagues there were, but I remembered the frogs, the locusts, and the water that turned red. After the exodus, G_d then asks us to spare a lamb at this time every year in memory of the one that was sacrificed.  I had the boiled egg, soup, matzah bread wrapped in a towel, green onions, horseradish, romaine salad, some herring, and applesauce with raisins in it, and the 4 little cups of wine, leaving one out for Elijah as I opened the front door.


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