In some ways, the concept of nation is problematic for me. I grew up in a very international multicultural way. When I look at the riots that happened yesterday in Baltimore, I understand a very important message for the new US attorney general as she is inaugurated: the injustice of the systematic denial of some very fundamental rights to life in the form of access to medical care and pharmacy when one is under a hostile government (force) will be one of her greatest challenges. Governments may not be hostile to everyone, many are not hostile to most, but there remain people like Freddie Gray and others, who are so shackled that they cannot solve their own medical issues when their life is endangered. So, the gangs take over – they take medicines, groceries, and a few other bills that have to be paid, in order to provide for this population that is denied because of the basic standoff, indifference, and inability to have a life-respecting dialogue between camps. The gangs may believe that this is a basic human right when the governments who largely have power, deny that this is so.

No life but Mr. Gray’s has yet been lost in this immediate conflict – and we pray that this remains so. His loss was already at least one life too many.

The point is allowed.

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