Happy Mother’s Day

I settled on a smaller kind of traditional church today, out in a more rural community. It was packed, though. We were about 200 at the 7 am mass.  I reflected a lot on the meaning of the service to a Jewish mind, and as I stood in the back of the standing-room only congregation, with the communion offering in front me, I struggled with what to do. I ended up stepping out of the sanctuary and into the lobby at the time of communion. After everyone else in the lobby partook, the priest searched the room, and his eyes met mine. I had briefly contemplated a theological question – is this ok? In the end, he surely saw the emotion on my face, and I went with my heart, honoring my mother and her wishes, on this day, like the billion or so Catholics in the world, who probably don’t anguish about this the way I would. It was an act of community, of respect, and inclusion.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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