Iran: A Better Deal for Everyone

I really like Obama, because I think, otherwise, there would have been an escalation of American involvement in the Middle East. That said, given what is going on with North Korea and analyzing the tension between the US and Cuba historically, would the US have felt comfortable if Cuba had acquired Russian-provided nuclear capabilities?

I don’t agree with 2 countries with that level of disrespect for each others’ sovereign authorities being nuclearly armed at that proximity. In the best of all worlds, both countries would agree that Israel maintains borders, and has a Jewish identity preserved internationally as the religious foundation of one group, and Iran maintains borders, and has an Islamic identity preserved internationally as the religious foundation of another group. The two centers remain in close proximity with no other “world” agenda, but work it out together without foreign US-Russia involvement, indeed offering peace as a religiously founded authority for its own culture, the same way that North Korea presents a bounded authority for its communist way.

Leave out all the discussion of terrorism, who has what, etc. Respect one another. Certainly economic sanctions are not correct. That said, I don’t want to see the whole area as a stage for US-Russian problems, nor do I want to see the area Americanized by supervised visits to scientific facilities.

One country has nuclear arms. I don’t think that will change. It is not progress for the other country to acquire them – especially prior to the ability of the both countries to respond to protect themselves against short range attacks This cannot be accomplished short of complete surveillance i.e. domination of the culture. It is a shame that everyone’s culture has to evolve to the superpowers. I like diversity, and I am very concerned for the security of Iran and its culture. It’s too bad the 2 countries can’t work it out to respect one another, and each others’ boundaries.

How is this not a better solution?

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