Freddie Grey: Before the Verdict

Freddie Grey’s death was a tragedy. It never should have happened. It could have been prevented. It was about respect. It ended in someone’s death. The problem is an institutional one and needs to be addressed – not by lynching a police officer, but rather by institutional reform – pairing cops who overreact with individuals who can influence them on the job. The cops in the Freddie Grey case likely lost their jobs in this case, but are nevertheless not “bad people”. An apology would help. An apology to the community for a highly charged situation is needed.

One guy eyeballs a cop, the cop feels disrespected, runs him down, and cuffs him in an arrest that was likely not legal. The guy is in turn disrespected in the van (and loses his life over this). The problem is institutional – not exceptional, and needs to be addressed.

Prisons are not the solution to this problem. Court cases are also not a solution. The judge should make the matter a civil one, and require BROAD POLICE REFORM.

That would honor Freddie Grey’s death: acknowledgement of the problem, apology, and reform. Not a lynching or a riot.

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