Election stuff

I voted. The results of this presidential election seem to me completely out-of-synch with the vibe of the country. It does not seem plausible to me to have a Democratic incumbent president who currently has an approval rating of over 50%, an economy that has had growth in jobs, one who has had a relatively peaceful 2 terms and done much for civil rights,and a running candidate from the same party who was a part of his administration, experienced, and who shared many of
his social values, lose the election to someone who has made outrageous comments about many religious and minority groups, and has no political experience, and wants to turn the country in the opposite direction undoing many of the accomplishments of the previous administration. Looking at the data, the strong Republican presence that was maintained in Congress in spite of predictions suggests a deeper look at the election data. Also, the fact that so many Latinos are in Florida, and yet that state went for a candidate who is proposing a wall with
Mexico, is worth reconsideration.  If they omitted anyone with any ethnic background, one might expect this result, but this result just does not seem plausible to me given my understanding of the make-up of this country.

It is going to be quite a struggle for me to mentally reconcile the results that have been reported with my image of this country.

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