The water has been turned off where I stay since the last post.  The bill wasn’t paid.  So, I’ve become really conscious about how much water I use as I haul it back and forth to the house.  No flushing.  No cleaning dishes.  No laundry.  No hand-washing.  I water the vegetable garden which alternates between indoor and outdoor now that the weather is occasionally below freezing.  I keep the dogs’ water bowl full, and use a little bit for staying warm with soup or coffee as I boil my cage-free eggs.  It would be a very environmentally-conscious life except that I do use facilities outside for cleaning up and going to the bathroom, so there is the drive to get water, go to the bathroom, etc. and most of these are not that efficient.   I’m reminded of the computer program that I had written with the many word problems.  There is the realization that people do live for long times like this – and not just in foreign countries.


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