On the Question of Permission

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one where the 2 sides have
really interesting culturally-based points of view. What I have
observed is that well-meaning sympathy for the little guy and a
smaller Israeli state (by division with a Palestinian one) can
be very rationalized antisemitism. What many people have not
understood is that Jews have had to beg for permission to “live”
in some countries. When allowed to live, they have been
experimented on and subjected to forced starvation and labor. Over
6 million were lost to the Holocaust (about the size of the
population of Israel). Putting them in the middle of one of the
most hostile to them areas of the world (their traditional
homeland) has allowed them to externalize a will to survive. Now,
some countries are saying that they have to ask for permission to
enter the west bank. I agree that they have to get along with
the Palestinians, but let’s understand what is being asked for
here. Is it really just another acknowledgment of submission?

The forces at work on both sides of the argument are very powerful,
but without a deep historical understanding of where the Jews are
coming from, there are many superficial arguments that can be
made to rationalize “justice”.

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