The Transition

The park service did an AMAZING job with the crowds. As one of my friends put it, “OMG. The pictures make America look great!”  Although I did not attend, I saw the pictures on TV at a local waiting room. I feel somewhat strengthened by the fact that the transition has been peaceful, although I, like many, continue to have concerns about what might or could happen.

As we move into a new era, with all of the political commentary, I have come to the following realization. We have had a long period of extensive sensitization to speech and respect for others, training in participating in less violent forms of authority and negotiation. Government has been very present, and has also been there for the little guy. Now, we are going to face big guys in power and there really isn’t going to be a lot of diversity in the political office. In order for them to defend this agenda, the presidency is surrounding himself with military people who support his agenda. OK. So let’s try to make this work.

The insight that I offer in this situation is the following. If one side has been able to isolate itself from the political discussion because of “political correctness” screening, then they deserve a voice and a chance to have their polar opposite position heard and tried (with certain restraints that I pray are in place in this country). This has the potential to make our country much stronger – to explore the other option.

So, what is the other option? As far as I can tell, it is much less government, much more private money replacing the government, some conservative restrictions on civil rights, conflicts of interest that become apparent in the interest of privacy, protection, and getting things done. If we are going to have less government, then the billionaires who have now taken responsibility for the state of the country are going to have to make this work with private money. It will take a lot of resources to do this.

So let’s give the other side a fair shot at making this work for 4 years. Let’s not be dragged into slipping into another Cold War with Russia over the election interference. As Putin pointed out, the Republicans generally won in many districts, so this was not just about Hillary. This was in line with Brexit, and although there were likely some problems with the election, let the chips fall where they may, our country has to be strong enough to handle this. Remember what happened when everybody started to disparage Trump when he said he might not accept the election results. The tables turned and then no one could say anything. So the Russian hacking thing is the same way. Two moves ahead, if the someone really wanted to fight Russia, this might be the way to get the other side to support this.  Let’s be happy this president doesn’t want to fight Putin.  The legacy of the Cold War is probably still present enough in some communities that there might be many others who still do.

The political problem may have more to do with the globalization of information. When we live in a world where information has been so instantly available and globalized that a walk in the park in New York can potentially translate into Benghazi, we need to step back and insulate ourselves a little. So, on that account, if we want to protect sovereignty, we need to work on building trustable networks that respect our right to choose what we want. We need to treat other countries nicely, not make enemies, and be helpful when we can.

So, let’s be hopeful!

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