The First Walk Out

Today was a day of solidarity with all immigrants – those who are afraid to visit their homes and families in other countries because they could risk not being able to get back in, those documented, and undocumented. Many of us stayed home in the quickly planned protest, writing emails and calling all those to act according to their conscience – for some it would be about inclusion, others about safe places, yet others an economic point about how much immigrants contribute. For many, it was emphasized that the current action violates judeo-christian-islamic ethics where the moment of hospitality is sanctified by Abrahamic covenant with the angels visiting Abraham to save the destruction of the city. Abraham and his wife, alone in their wilderness tent, are obligated to offer the best that they had to the un-anounced visitors. G_d watches over this moment. I imagined protests in the tech and science industries where people, finding out at the last minute about the protest, went out into the street at their workplace and blocked traffic. Those who were immigrants, those who know immigrants, our friends, our families, our spouses…
People cleaned their own houses, did their own farm work, etc.

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