St. Augustine and A Little Snowbird

I continued down migrating like the snow birds ,and Native Americans might have to St. Augustine, Florida. Amazingly, the citrus grows wild out in the forest here at this time, and you can just pick it when you’re hungry. I stopped in St. Augustine – the “oldest” American (European) city, taking a bike ride around the city with the pups as I contemplated a more ambitious St. John River trail. It was interesting to think about the immigration question in this context. Apparently, only 1 in 3 people who live in Florida were born in the state.

We biked around the “oldest” city, and I learned a bit of the history of the site. Settled by the Spanish, it was heavily, heavily fortified against the Native Americans. Of the descendants of the original 50 or so families, only those from 2 families have remained settled in the St. Augustine area. The rest went to Cuba. I’m kind of reading between the lines here, but I’m wondering if it was somehow easier to defend their position on Cuba.

We went on to have a nice visit sleeping out in the Ocala National Forest and visiting many of the lakes down there where you can swim with the manatees.  We saw a lot of exotic water birds, and warily gazed back at the alligators.  I contemplated how a Catawba indian would handle an encounter with an alligator.  

It would have been a spiritual encounter – I am sure.

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