Remaining Calm as Lines are Drawn

Drawing a line – making a boundary – it can be arbitrarily done by the architects, the planners, those who prefer knowing where things are and how they work. It can also be done thoughtfully in response to injury by those who enjoy change rather than status quo but sense hurt associated with imagined or past injury. It prevents reexperiencing the trauma to the point of paralysis.

We know that chemical weapons exist. They have been used in the past with horrific consequences.

They were used in WW1 extensively by both sides, in WWII in a horrific power imbalance to selectively destroy 2/3 of an ethnic minority. We know how bad these can be, and how strong the weapons potentially are.

Two different presidents of the US have been given the opportunity to react to their use in Syria, simply by the fact that the US is a major world player and defender. I think that the important fact to come to grips with in this situation is that east and west, Syria and the rebels, are not comfortable with the distribution of power in Syria. When this is strongly out of balance, a crisis occurs, and the world is forced to draw lines. So, let’s focus on talking this one through to a point where weapons are not used.

In my humble opinion, the testing of the sites for chemical weapons could have been performed before a military response. However, the timing of the response was designed to be immediately correlated with the action, not diffused into the ether of diplomatic possibility. There is neither applause, nor condemnation, as the uneasy silence allows each of us to confront our own feelings about intervention and force.

May each of our actions be toward world improvement in a way that is respectful.

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