Nathan Matzinger



Nathan wanted more comfort for those around him.  Whether it was buying a TV for his grandfather, or a new refrigerator for his aunt, he cared that they were comfortable.

On the farm, he worked hard.  He put up solar panels on the barn so the animals would be warm in the winter. He made beds for the vegetable garden so that the slugs and snails would not get into the vegetables. He would put up the free-range chickens in the evening so that the foxes wouldn’t get them. He fed the sheep, sometimes picking the lambs up to carry them where they needed to be when everyone around him was too tired. On the farm, giving the sheep injections to keep them healthy, he found a new and better way of doing it – less painful to them and also safer.

IMG_2357Around the house, he made the house warmer.  He put insulation in the green room so that the winter garden would last longer. He liked to cook. His neighbor’s twelve year old daughter trusted him with her horse.  She taught him how to ride. She remembers him as a problem solver.  Often entrusted with farm chores, Nathan was the go-to guy whenever there was a problem. Putting up fences  or sorting sheep, she wanted Nathan around for help.  The dogs really loved him!


His dad was his best friend, though. The two of them took an unforgettable trip across the country together. It would be his father’s last.  When he passed, Nathan would carry the box with his father’s ashes wherever he stayed. He had his dad’s old pickup brought to the farm with plans to put a new engine in it. He was going to restore it. His dad had once lived in it, and had taught him everything he knew about trucks with it. Like his dad, he was quite a good mechanic! We would listen to him describing why or how a differential would make the outer wheel of a truck move faster than the inner wheel during a turn as he cooked eggs for breakfast.

Nathan loved playing music, and aspired to be in a band like his dad was.
WREX (The Band) Memorial Day – One -1984
WREX (The Band) Memorial Day – Four – 1984

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