It’s the end of the school year, and one of the little ones from East Texas was graduating from elementary school.  I headed out there to celebrate with them.  We picked up a veggie pizza (no animals were harmed)


and headed over to the pound to visit the animals that needed some temporary or permanent homes for the summer.

Sharing our pizza with the 2 pound workers that were there late on a Friday night under the watchful eye of about 50 cats,


we watched a way-too-skinny dog eating, with a voracious appetite,


and played with a catahoula-coonhound marked dog that might have an injured eye.  I’m always moved by the gentle but eager and playful temperament of the dogs out here.

A little later, I would head over to an animal adoption week-end event at CAP.  They had some beach volley ball nets set up, and a moon walk, and facepainting.  But the animals were the big attraction…  It was my first tour of their new facility since it had opened while I was gone.


The volunteers were around to let the animals out of their cages.


The dog above was a little on the shy side, seemingly just wanting to hang out in the dog pad.   They had a bunny section,


We had a hard time approaching the dog below.  She’s 5 years old, and a little overweight.  She was afraid of people she didn’t know.  But once someone she knew came, she could be picked up and petted in that person’s arms easily.  Kind of like Petey.


Spike, the dog below, was a handful, and really ready to rally up the other dogs.  Maybe with some more exercise and experience with people he’ll mellow a bit.


Mojo was calmer, but definitely interested in some outdoor activity.  We took him for a walk out in their outdoor area.


They had a puppy room, and a cat room, too.


The last report I have seen was 2005 – their euthanasia rate was reported to be 46%.  I’m sure it is less, today.  But how much better?  Are we making progress on the no-kill front?

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