Setting Goals for the Day

I’m still operating on a micro-level.  I’ll shift my focus in a bit to a longer time frame perspective.  What I try to do right now is run the day_sculptor program that I wrote to try to set some broad goals for the day, then look at my goals and try to define what a high scoring day would be.Today, the program came up with this:

daySo, I take these goals, and then try to plan a day that will be a high achieving one, around these goals. Then try to see what I can achieve.  So here is the plan.

get on scale

measure blood pressure, measure blood sugar 3X

Diet: stay under 1700 calories, 1500 mg salt, and 80 mg cholesterol for the day

banana, raisins, carrots, squash, broccoli, celery, orange


2 bread and margarine, cereal, fish sticks

1.  Come up with a plausible solution to the crisis in Egypt

2.  Come up with a plausible solution to the Snowden crisis

3.  Vet care (heartworm, flea and tick med) and exercise for dogs

4. 2 hours manual labor – finish construction of bench, and work on garden

5.  1 hour of domestic work – dishes, cleaning, and sweeping

6.  3 hours of math

7.  Play some basketball or tennis

8.  Work on Yetzer Harah and Hatov, Torah interpretation and Proverbs

9.  Work on playing Hava Nagilah on the guitar

Some play time: and extra credit:

a little more African Geography

listening to analysis of Supreme Court decisions on the radio

transition to Greece and setting up Greek language fonts

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